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Stories from the archives of Mayor Pat


At UNC Charlotte's main library people come to read all sorts of books.

Some are fiction some are not fiction.

Some are historical in nature.

"We will always have these types of archives," said Dr. Meredith Evans Raiford the Associate University Librarian for Special Collections.

Archives real to the city of Charlotte and its residents.

"This is a nice note," says Dr. Evans referring to one of the items she found left behind from the time Pat McCrory was mayor. 

"Dear Pat, just a short note to let you know we will give it our best shot in New Orleans next week so you'll have some gumbo to share with our homeless residents. Best wishes."

Dr. Meredith Evans Raiford has been an archivist for 15 years. 

She's in charge of organizing the city's mayoral correspondence.

"We really are lucky to have mayoral papers," said Dr. Evans.

A year after a mayor leaves office the city will transfer the documents directly to the library.

"It's like Christmas you never know what you're going to get," said Dr. Evans.

These are all public record for anyone interested in the history of its city to see.

A lot if it is proclamations, amendments and speeches.

And a lot of these papers are residents just asking for help.

"It's nice to know that elected officials are actually responding," said Dr. Evans.

A part of Charlotte's past that anyone can check out.

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