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Will McCrory sign bills?


Right now, two bills critical to the future of North Carolina are sitting on Governor Pat McCrory's desk in Raleigh dealing with unemployment and Medicaid.

Some expected McCrory to sign both Friday but so far he has not pulled the trigger.

Both issues are extremely controversial.

The unemployment bill slashes the maximum amount and number of weeks jobless people can receive benefits, and critics say the bill blocking Medicaid expansion would leave hundreds of thousands uninsured in North Carolina.

Some polls show McCrory already taking a hit on these issues, but there is no real indication yet that he's having second thoughts about signing these bills into law.

Still, the silence is leaving some to wonder if critics could cause delay in the signing of both bills.

Because - unlike McCrory - those critics were anything but quiet on Friday.

Take Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx. He wrote an extensive post on his Facebook page condemning the move to cut unemployment benefits, worrying there that "lines at soup kitchens and homeless shelters will get longer...approximately 170,000 North Carolina unemployed workers would lose benefits that have kept food on the table and a roof over their heads."

There were protests in both Charlotte and Raleigh Friday, too, over the state's chilly attitude toward the Affordable Care Act.

McCrory's office did not return calls for comment.

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