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Job seekers offer differing views on slashed unemployment benefits


North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is expected to sign a bill that will slash unemployment benefits from a maximum of $525 a week to $350 a week.

Friday, WBTV spoke with job seekers in Cleveland County about the changes to unemployment that would take effect in July.

Kathie is looking for administrative work in Shelby, and it's a struggle.

"If you do see an opening, there are hundreds of people applying," she said. "It's almost like you have to know someone to get your foot in the door, and of course I don't know everybody!"

While she looks for work, she's collecting unemployment.

"I live week to week, honestly," she said.

It concerns her that McCrory is expected to sign the new bill.

"It makes me a little scared," she said. She added that she wants McCrory to spend more time investigating how many jobs are really coming to Cleveland County and the surrounding area before making such a drastic change that will affect so many.

Daniel Cobb is also looking for work. He agrees that unemployment checks should be lowered a little bit to get the state budget on track.

"I think it would make more people want to go back to work instead of sitting on their butts at home," said Cobb.

He does, however, think $350 a week is too little. He wants McCrory to reconsider.

"I would say he needs to reconsider it to around $400 to $430," said Cobb.

With McCrory expected to sign the bill soon, it may be too late to change his mind. Now, job seekers are preparing to slash their budgets even more, as the state slashes their checks.

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