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President Taft stops in Cincy during 'Presidents Race'


President Williams Howard Taft was back in his Cincinnati home on Friday.

But how you ask?

The Washington Nationals kicked off their annual Presidential Race in Washington D.C. Four historic presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt compete in a computer simulated and live race from D.C. to Mt. Rushmore to spend Presidents Day at the iconic landmark.

This year, they'll be joined by William Howard Taft, with the event being called 'Bill and Teddy's Executive Adventure'. Taft served as the 27th president, and the race 'passed' the William Howard Taft Historical site, located on Auburn Avenue.

It's all part of the Nationals' Presidents Race, where mascots compete at every Nationals home game during the fourth inning. Period costumes and giant foam heads complete the annual tradition.

"They look pretty good for dead guys. They're real spry. They're real spry. They're definitely getting warmed up. Getting ready for the season to start," joked Tom Davis, Entertainment Manager for the Washington Nationals.

President's Day is on Monday, February 18th.

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