Animal communicator teaches us how to connect with our pets

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Gail Thackray wears many hats.  She's a medium, a healer, she knows the art of Reiki and she wants to teach it all to the people who are willing to and interested in learning.

One aspect of her abilities lies in animal communication.  On her website Thackray states:

"I will usually find myself in their shoes so to speak. I will feel their personality and as I ask them questions telepathically, I 'hear' the response, as if I were the animal talking and these are my thoughts. Usually I start by tuning in and asking simple questions to validate for myself and the owner that the connection is there. I am always looking for the little gem, or odd details that I couldn't possible have known. Animals also respond wonderfully to energy healing such as Reiki. Although animal communication can shed light on a health issue it should never be a substitute for the advice of a vet or medical expert."

Thackray visited WBTV News Saturday Morning to meet Ashley's dog Eddie, and Kristen's dog Oliver.  She also shared advice we all can use to try to better communicate with our pets.

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