The secret to affordable wig shopping

Finding a good wig at a great price

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Moira Quinn's battle with breast cancer has reached a milestone.

The Center City Partners Senior Vice President, and former WBTV anchor, had her last chemotherapy treatment this week. She's learned a lot since her diagnosis with most of those lessons being about cancer.

But there's an unexpected lesson she wants to share. No two wigs are created equally but you don't have to break the bank the bank to look good. The advice applies whether you need a wig, or want one.

"I didn't know this place existed when I first started looking," Quinn said.

She's referring to Tisun Beauty Supply, a store set in the back corner of an east Charlotte shopping center. They have thousands of wigs made with both synthetic hair and real human hair.

"We were able to find wigs that were $40," she told us.

A major change from her first wig shopping trip. The high-end store she visited left her under whelmed by the process and overwhelmed by the prices.

"There are wigs out there for $1,200 and up," Quinn said.

Instead she went to Tisun with her stylist, Bradley Sanders of Groove Salon in Charlotte, and he helped her pick real human hair wigs that could be styled back at his shop.

"Bradley was able to give me a high-style fix on the cut and, you know what, I looked like I had a wig that cost a heck of a lot more than that," Quinn said.

She learned to ask lots of questions, because the staff is willing to answer, and to know the difference between synthetic hair and human hair.

"With a real synthetic wig you have to be careful. You can't even open the door or the dishwasher or the oven because its too much heat and the hair will melt," she said.

The most important lesson she learned, however, was not to make the trips alone. Her stylist was able to spot the kind of hair that he would be able to take back to his salon and work into a style that fit Moira's personality perfectly.

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