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EXCLUSIVE: Families hear from loved ones on board Carnival


Passengers on board the 'Triumph' captured the fire that Carnival said caused the ship to lose power on Sunday. 

Now, after days of anxiousness, families got sight of the ship for the first time. 

"Tears of joy, tears of sadness, tears of I just want to see them right now," said Amy Eakin who has family on board.  

Not long after, Eakin received a comforting message from her mother on board.

"She just texted me and said it's a great adventure. I love you," Eakin said. 

Johnna Weaver has waited anxiously for word from her mother who was on the cruise with her jazzercise class.

"I was so relieved when she finally got in touch with me and we were able to talk with each other," Weaver said. 

But what she heard was worrisome.

"The first night she slept on the fourth floor in the hallway," Weaver said. 

An East Texas passenger on the ship said despite all of these setbacks, the staff and passengers are handling it well.

"We had no electricity, no water and still don't, but they are doing the best they can. They've flown in food from helicopters yesterday and today. It's a pretty hairy situation, but I think most people are dealing with it," said passenger Gale Suggs. 

She had a calm and positive reaction, the same one she had when she called her sister in Chandler earlier.

"Oh yes, she is very calm. I knew they would be okay, but we were anxious just to hear from them and not just get the messages from Carnival," said her sister, Shirley Parmer. 

Katie Wait and her husband did not get the romantic getaway they were hoping for, but she said passengers are just making the best of the situation.

"Ninety-five percent of people on this ship are enjoying spending time with other people. We are able to have cell signal today, so that has made everybody really happy to talk to family members," Wait. 

They have kept a positive outlook, but no one can deny they are ready for this adventure to end.

"If I can just get a hot shower and a hot meal I'll be one happy girl," Wait said.

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