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Cash in on consignments

Whether you want to add a few bucks to your bank account or unload last year's impulse buys, consignment can be a profitable option. Here are some tips on how to prepare clothes to sell at a consignment shop and make a little extra cash.

At the Another Time Around consignment store, it's a constant flow of new merchandise.

"It's like Christmas every day," said owner, Shelly Briones. 

More than 3,000 people now consign at her store and the take-home pay is pretty impressive.

Most consignment clothes sell for about 50 percent of what it would cost new. People who consign can expect to make between 20 and 50 percent of the selling price.

Shelly says that some take-home checks as high as $300 a month, but a more typical take-home would be $50 to $100.

There are some 'rules of thumb' for consigning, too.

"The nicer it is prepared, the better condition it is in, you do make a lot more," said Briones.

Do your prep work to make sure it's ready to sell. Iron and clean, secure loose buttons and seams and organize sets together.

It's special attention that will help ensure prime placement in the shop - and a nice paycheck in your pocket.

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