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3 tools for home repairs

Some people shy away from fixing things around the house because they don't know what tools to use. Our home improvement expert, Dailyn Matthews, reveals three of her favorites for home repairs.

"When I start a project at home, the first thing I want to consider is if I have the right tool for the job," says Dailyn. "Oftentimes you can get away with the basics, but sometimes you want that special tool. That makes things easier and faster."

Straight from Dailyn, here are the top three for your tool kit:

#1 The Clamp

One tool I she can't live without is a good clamp, and I'm talking about a traditional C clamp. It's great for little projects around the house. I also love quick-grip clamps. They're easy to use and they come in all different sizes. It's kind of like a third hand when you're trying to secure a piece of wood to make a cut safely, or for sanding or for gluing.

#2 The Straight Edge

Another favorite of mine is a straight edge. This is indispensable in making markings for sheet lumber and long cuts. It's also great when you need to do a measurement on a wall, and it's hard to hold that tape measure steady. It's rigid and it will lay flat against the wall. You might also want to use this to score drywall or carpet. It'll help you make a nice clean cut.

#3 Tiny Screw Drivers

Some people call them a jeweler's set. I call them awesome! You can use them on those little battery doors on clocks, children's toys, electronics. You can even use them on your eyeglasses. I seem to find all kinds of uses for them. I just love them!

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