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When "delete" doesn't really mean it's gone


You may think, because your privacy settings are locked down and your old posts are deleted, your Facebook account is well-sanitized.

Not the case, says our cyber expert.

Theresa Payton shows you how to REALLY clean up your profiles and tells you about a tool that shows just how open your internet "secrets" really are:


1.  Did you know that where you delete something makes a difference?

Delete isn't really delete and still searchable....

2.  The open nature of connecting Facebook to other fun features leaves a privacy gap that can be swooped up in their new graph search.

3.  If you want an illustration of how deep the search can go, try this site called:  WeKnowWhatYoureDoing.com  

4.  Photo recognition will tag you across all photos


1.  Go to "Who Can See My Stuff" on Facebook

2.  Go to your profile page and click "About me"

3.  Run Simplewash or Socioclean

4.  Block trackers using Abine, DisconnectMe or Ghostery

5.  Try Privacyfix.com to help you manage what your friends do with your pictures, posts and likes

6.  The best place to delete your posts from is the Activity Log

7.  It takes just a few steps to protect your name tagged in photos:

a.  Click on the gear icon at the far right; select "Privacy Settings" from the menu

b.  Choose Timeline and Tagging

c.  Review the all the settings and lock them down to your level of comfort

 Web Resources:

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We Know What You're Doing Tool

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