More charges for man accused of shooting woman after paternity test

Olivia Weaver
Olivia Weaver

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, SC (WBTV) - A Chesterfield County man is facing additional charges, just 24 hours after he waived bond. He is accused of shooting a 21-year-old woman, and her stepfather, after a paternity test.

Investigators in Chesterfield County are working to unravel a shooting outside the county's courthouse on Wednesday afternoon.

When Curtis Gorny, 56, appeared in court on Thursday, he appeared to be injured with his arm in a sling and a bruise on his left eye.  Chesterfield County Sheriff Sam Parker told WBTV that Gorny got those injuries when he crashed during a police pursuit after the shooting.

According to investigators, Gorny shot 21-year-old Olivia Weaver and her stepfather on Wednesday around 12:30 p.m. at the courthouse on Main Street.

Deputies say Gorny pulled up to a car sitting outside the courthouse and fired shots at Weaver and 50-year-old Johnny Nolan, who were inside the car.

According to Sheriff Parker, Weaver was at the courthouse for a paternity test with Gorny. She has a six-month-old child and has been in a dispute over who the father is.

Weaver's mother, Jennifer Smith, told WBTV on Wednesday night that she believes Gorny tried to kill her daughter after he learned that he was the father of her child in a court hearing. That hearing happened just before the shooting.

The judge ordered Gorny to pay Weaver child support, according to Smith.

Sheriff Parker says the motive behind the shooting still isn't clear.

"We're trying to find that out. We understand maybe he's asked for his lawyer before he continues speaking with us," Sheriff Parker said on Thursday.

"It kind of slows our operation down, but again, it's all about due process and it's all about being fair. We want to know. We do not need this again in Chesterfield County, so hopefully what we learn from him in this case, it'll stop it."

After the shooting, deputies chased Gorny for 15 miles, into Pageland, forcing him to crash his vehicle. Radio traffic released on Thursday morning confirms that Gorny fired shots at deputies during the chase.

At one point, an officer says Gorny "lost the right front tire." No deputies were injured.

Court officials told WBTV that Gorny previously had a "No Contact" order, which he signed.

The order stemmed from a domestic violence and larceny incident he had against Weaver and her family on September 5, 2012. The order was a condition of his bond.

Court records show that Gorny has two criminal domestic violence cases against him beginning in May of 2011.  One of those cases is pending. In Florida, Gorny has six domestic violence cases against him, dating back to 1982.

Gorny is being held at the Chesterfield County Jail on three charges of attempted murder, one for shooting at deputies during the chase, and two counts for the initial shooting at the courthouse.  On Friday afternoon, Gorny was hit with several gun-related charges, as well.

On Thursday afternoon Gorny waived his bond hearing, and no bond was set.

Smith told WBTV after Gorny looked angry during court. She believes that he's mad because he wasn't able to kill anyone on Wednesday.

Sheriff Parker says the Sheriff's Office is still working on gathering warrants on all Gorny's charges.

He believes Gorny will face between 14 and 16 charges.  The Sheriff's Office still has to meet with the Solicitor to finalize all charges.

Weaver was taken to McLeod Medical Center in Florence with non-life threatening injuries. She is expected to spend several more days in the Intensive Care Unit, but should be OK.

Nolan, Weaver's stepfather, was taken to Cheraw where he was treated and released.

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