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Many Charlotteans paying attention to the State of the Union message


Vincent Huntley is among the unemployed hoping to find a silver lining in the President's upcoming State of the Union address.

He's been looking for work in Charlotte, since Thanksgiving.

His message to the President,"Bring those jobs back from the United States and we all can work."

When the President addresses both houses of congress, expect to hear his plan to assist and ailing economy, but there's another topic Mr. Obama will take on is certain to turn heads.

Firearms sales remain on a record pace.

However, former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and a number of those wounded by weapons are invited guests attending tonight's speech to illustrate a point.

Gun owners like Richard Tobias are saying don't tinker with the Second Amendment.

"Leave it alone. It's the legitimate gun owners the ones not causing problems. We're not causing problems," he said.

Attorney Mo Idlibby will pay attention to the expected point on immigration.

Dozens of folders in his office represent unresolved cases of someone wanting to become a U.S. citizen.

" A lot of our clients enter the country illegally," Idlibby said. "Both parties have identified that this is a necessary issue that must be addressed."

It is an address with a wide range of expectations international concerns to put people back to work.

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