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Teen who cut off monitoring device arrested


Police in Charlotte have arrested a man they say cut off his electronic monitoring device.

Darius Nicholson, 17, was wanted by the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) on outstanding warrants for felony interfering with an electronic monitoring device, probation violation and parole violation.

Nicholson was ordered to wear a CMPD electronic monitor as a condition of his probation
following his conviction for felony conspiracy in a common law robbery case, according to a wanted poster from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

On February 11, Nicholson cut off his electronic monitor shortly after arriving home late for his court ordered curfew.

He was arrested Wednesday morning in Salisbury, N.C., police told WBTV.

Nicholson is the second offender monitored by CMPD to cut a monitor off in 2013.

A total of 28 offenders cut their monitors off in 2012 and all have been arrested.

CMPD is currently monitoring 387 offenders.

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