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After 4 days snowed-in, CT man prepares to kick cabin fever


Kenn Venit has dealt with everything mother nature has thrown his way in his many years as a resident on Hamden, Connecticut. But what happened last weekend was historic, and brought back memories of another storm that lives in infamy.

From Friday morning through Saturday morning, a powerful nor'easter dumped several feet of snow on Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The town of Hamden claimed the not-so-distinguished honor of seeing the most accumulation, 40 inches of snow.

For Venit and his wife, Bonnie, the last four days have been trying to say the least. The Venits have been dormant and have had nowhere to go. It wasn't until Monday that a plow came through, to clear a single lane, in case emergency personnel were needed to attend to someone on their street.

On Monday night, in what may have been a sign from above, a contractor made his way through Venit's neighborhood. The contractor, Pablo Mora, worked tirelessly to plow the Venits driveway and clear the walkway in front of their house. Venit was so appreciative of the work Mora did, he paid him $200. Mora only asked for $125. Venit is preparing to brave the elements on the roads Tuesday, in hopes of spending time with his family. The former television news anchor and reporter hopes to get back to work on Wednesday at Quinnipiac University, where he is an adjunct journalism professor.

Lots of people in Hamden share Venit's story. Many of Hamden's plows broke while trying to pick up the heavy snow over the weekend. Monday's rain only added to the misery. The town has sought the help of state and out-of-state resources, as well as the National Guard. It's estimated 99.5 percent of the town's roads will be passable by midnight Wednesday. By passable, Venit says that means having only a single lane open, enough for vehicles to travel in one direction at a time.

The rate of the snowfall during this storm was also impressive. Venit set up a ruler and other materials in his yard to measure the accumulation. He discovered 11 of the 40 inches fell in just two hours. That's a rate of five and half inches per hour!

For Venit, this brought back memories of the blizzard of 1976, when 24 inches of snow fell in 24 hours.

"I never thought I'd live to see something that would outdo that one," Venit said.

Referring to local and national television meteorologists, Venit said "they called it in advance a historic storm and it sure has been."

And this story is not over yet. WBTV Meteorologist Al Conklin reports Hamden in the path of a storm on Wednesday that could bring an additional three to six inches of snow to the region.

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