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Rock Hill girl authors first book at the age of 10


She's a pint size girl taking huge steps towards achieving her dreams.

The young writer from Rock Hill is shy, so she lets her fingers do the talking.

Being 10 years old has its advantages.

You have a dynamic imagination and endless creativity.

"I don't know they just come to me and I write them down and it just all comes together," said Taylor Barber.

And it did come together.

"Not a lot of people get to have this opportunity and I'm just really lucky and it's really fun to have your own book," said Taylor.

Just last month she became a published author.

Having a book to call hers was no easy task though.

Taylor's mother labored for months on the Internet shopping her book.

"You have to go through different publishing companies," said Taylor. 

"It took us a while."

Others have also shown their support for the young author.

Taylor's friends, as well as the Mt. Gallant Elementary School staff have already bought their autographed copies

Taylor is trying to get the book into school libraries as well.

If you are looking to publish your own book, you first need to research publishers, which can be found online.

Once you find one, you will have to submit a manuscript according to the publisher's guidelines.

If you get rejected be persistent.

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