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Cleanup continues from Boone flooding


Seth Chessom gathered some clothes from his apartment in Boone Monday. He can't stay in the apartment overnight because it has been condemned due to floodwaters almost two weeks ago.

"It's rough," he said, " but stuff happens." Chessom hopes to be back in his apartment in the next week or so. Until then he is staying with a friend in town.

People in almost two dozen apartments have had to move out, at least temporarily because of what floodwaters did. The creek that meanders through town became a torrent after seven inches of rain fell in just a few hours. It spilled over its banks and spread across an area just east of Highway 321.

"It was scary," said Appalachian State University student Anna Gibala. The house she rents was surrounded by floodwaters and she watched as cars floated in the parking lot across the street.

Cleanup crews have been busy pulling up carpet and trying to dry out apartments so that renovations can take place. In some apartments, drywall has had to be torn out to the three and four foot level in spots.

Brandon Lysiak was busy doing just that in a series of apartments. "They all will be renovated with everything done to code," he said. One concern is that electric outlets were underwater for a time.

Lysiak says it will be up to inspectors to decide what will need to be done in those apartments.  Officials are hoping that most apartments will be ready for tenants again in a week or two. Some apartments, though, will take months to repair. All will have to pass the careful eyes of city inspectors before people can move back in.

"We just want the places to be safe for whoever is going to live there," said David Little of the Boone Planning Department. Officials say the damage is the worst they've seen in years because of high water.

Locals say they have seen flooding before in the area but this storm was different in the intensity of the rainfall. "It came up so quickly there was nothing we could do," said one resident.

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