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Charlotte Catholics React to Pope's Resignation


At Dilworth's Saint Patrick's Cathedral, this morning's resignation of Pope Benedict brought a quick response to pews at Charlotte parishes.

The noon time mass had twice its normal crowd with more than 80 people.

Charlotte Bishop, The Most Reverend Peter Jugis came face to face with the pontiff on three separate occasions.

"There is great sadness in our hearts because we believe that Pope Benedict is a great Pope, and we're sad that the condition of his health has come apparently to this state where he had made the decision that he has to resign," Jugis said.

Among his many followers, The Pope's legacy will remembered for instituting the year of faith and evangelization.

It means a vacation of disappointment for Renee O'Brien.

 "My family and I are planning a pilgrimage to Rome. I'm a little sad that we will not see Pope Benedict, "she said.

Outside of Saint Patrick's parishioners like Margaret Gustafson said they will pay close attention to decision of the College of Cardinals, as it relates to finding a replacement.

Gustafson said,  "I believe that the Holy Spirit is very much in charge for the selection of the next pope."

Whoever replaces this Pope will face a litany of challenges ranging from the after effects of the priest abuse scandal to questions in recent years that surround birth control.

"Yes it is a time of transition, but there's not need of fear or be anxious," Jugis said.

And in his homily to the faithful, Bishop Jugis is asking for divine guidance.

"Let us pray for our Holy Father. Let us pray for the Lord strengthen him and the church."

The pope's final day will be February 28th.

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