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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: For Better and Not for Worse

"Speak Out" is an expression of opinion from the Editorial Board of WBTV, and is presented by General Manager, Nick Simonette.

"Every Child...Every Day...for a Better Tomorrow."

That's the theme new Charlotte-Mecklenburg school superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison is using.

Morrison has been in charge at CMS for more than six months.

Here's our mid-term report card on his progress towards living up to that theme.

Morrison came with high hopes...promising transparency, improving teacher morale and increasing test scores.

We know this won't happen overnight…

but we think Morrison is on the right road.

When it comes to Transparency we give Morrison a "B."

He has been meeting with the community frequently and spelling out his vision.

But, we do think he messed up when he told people they would be shut out of task force meetings discussing ways to improve CMS.

He has since reversed his decision.

We also give the new superintendent a "B" when it comes to teacher morale.

He is reaching out to teachers more often and recognizing them for their efforts.

But, he could fail the course if he has a misstep as the district creates its new "Pay for Performance" program.

When it comes to academic achievement, it's too early to give a fair grade.

End of the year test scores have not happened yet, but we are hopeful they will show progress.

We encourage you to do your own evaluation.

If Morrison isn't making the grade in your eyes, you have the right to speak out.

As parents and taxpayers, we all have a major stake in a "Better Tomorrow" for CMS.

Because WBTV is "On Your Side," we encourage everyone to "Speak Out" – tell us what YOU think. SpeakOut@wbtv.com


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