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New research finds snoring is bad for your heart


It can cause your spouse to move to another bedroom or spend the entire night elbowing or shaking the snoring sleeper.

But for Elizabeth McClure her snoring disrupted her sleep so bad one night she fell off her bed and injured herself.

It was her wake up call to visit a doctor.

Elizabeth was diagnosed with sleep apnea.

"It gives the patient an alarmed startled reaction and it will wake them when they gasp for air," said sleep specialist Dr. Kenneth Weeks.

Restlessness is just a one of the consequences of sleep apnea.

Dr. Kenneth Weeks believes that cardiovascular health is affected as well.

"So you have a cascade of events, the organs scream out where's my oxygen and your blood pressure rises your pulse rises," said Dr. Weeks.

He says reduction of oxygen in the blood can impair the function of internal organs.

And the vibration and the trauma of the snoring can affect the main artery that brings the blood flow from your heart to your brain increasing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Now Elizabeth is wearing this doctor recommended mask to help her sleep without snoring or interruptions.

"The pressure negates or cancels out the negative pressure," said Dr. Weeks.

Knowing you have a snoring problem is the first step to getting it treated.

For $5, Snoring U is a little sleep lab rolled up inside your iPhone, tablet or Android device.

It can identify snoring, wheezing and coughing, and actually record the sounds of snoring patterns as they progress through the night.

There are also some sleeping monitor apps free of charge.

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