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Skateboarding competition for a charitable cause


A skateboarding competition was held as a fundraiser to help a 3 year-old Charlotte resident.

That's what the group "Skatetwerp" did Saturday for Gabe Ospina.

Gabe suffers from spina bifida, which is a birth defect in which the backbone and spinal canal does not close before birth.

About 70 skateboarders held a competition to help Gabe's family raise money for more stem cell treatments.

His mother says he's already had two treatments, and even though he still can't walk, he's making progress.

Gabe's mom says that he can feel down to his ankles and can climb the stairs by himself. He can also support himself by using all the muscle groups in his legs which  wasn't even close to an option before.

The event was held at Revert Skatepark in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The group hoped to raise $4,000.


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