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Valentine's Day chocolate taste test


Valentine's Day is fast approaching and you don't want to wait too long to find something that will let your sweetie know just how much you love him or her.

"Don't do it ON Valentine's Day. Especially if the receipt falls out of your pocket because they will notice you bought a gift an hour before you got home from work," said Coach LaMonte, a certified master life strategist.

A card is the most common gift on Valentine's Day but candy comes in a close second. We did the dirty work for you, tracking down the perfect chocolates so you could bring home candy that not only looks good, but tastes good too.

We rounded up a group of real "chocoholics" and asked them to perform a blind taste test on five different types of chocolate. We picked up affordable Whitman's and Russell Stover candy boxes at the store. We ordered Fran's and Christopher Elbow chocolates online. We also hit up Godiva in the mall.

Our testers rated the candy based on appearance and taste.

Number one for appearance was chocolate made by Christopher Elbow.  A 9-piece box cost us $20.   Russell Stover chocolates came in second for appearance and the other three tied for third place.

Nearly across the board, however, Godiva got the top ratings for taste. The 8-piece box we bought cost $15.  Russell Stover, Fran's, and Christopher Elbow all received one vote each for best taste, giving them a tie for second place.  Unfortunately, of our six tasters, no one chose the Whitman's chocolates as best in taste.

"You should put some effort in on a Valentine's Day gift but it's not necessarily what you spend. What matters most is that you actually got something and that you remembered the day," Coach LaMonte said.

It is important to note we found several higher-end chocolate companies online with reasonably priced boxes but in some cases the shipping cost just as much as the box of chocolates.

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