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Thieves target drop boxes at apartment complexes


Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are on the lookout for criminals who are targeting drop boxes at apartment complexes. Several police reports show more than a dozen tenants had their rent checks stolen from four different apartment complexes all on the south side of town.

"I think it's pitiful," Neighbor Sabra Geter said. "Whoever done it needs to be caught. That's people's lives you're messing with."

One police report shows the suspect used an unknown object to steal the checks. While others just reached in with their hands to grab the checks.

Police are now trying to locate surveillance video from cameras located at the apartment complexes looking for suspects and they are on the hunt for anybody trying to cash checks and money orders that were stolen.

Police think these crimes are connected and believe the motive was simply to find money.

"They are just trying to fish," CMPD Captain Jim Wilson said. "To see if anybody did pay in cash and believe it or not, some people still pay in cash."

Wilson is now talking to apartment managers about their drop boxes.

"Take a look at their mail drop boxes," Wilson said. "To see if there is anything they can improve."

Victims say they noticed something was wrong when after they said they paid their rent, days later they got a letter on their door informing them their rent had not been paid.

"I was just confused," A victim who doesn't want to be identified said. "Because I never had a problem, of course I called and she said there were some issues with some other residences."

Victims are now in the process of canceling those checks and money orders used for their rent. Police are telling tenants it wouldn't be a bad idea if you hand the apartment manager your rent check and leave those drop boxes alone.

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