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Max Petruzzi helps Sandy victims with a song

Many of us were moved by the images of Hurricane Sandy thrashing the northeast this fall. And a lot of us decided to do something about it, make a donation, send a box of needed items, something. 

It helps us feel like we're part of a healing process. 

13 year old Max Petruzzi watched the images on the news and knew he wanted to do something too.  Because those pictures, those homes tossed in the air that crashed into splinters represented his early childhood, his family roots.

Max decided to rally his friends in his new hometown of Weddington, North Carolina.   And did he ever!!

Max isn't your typical eighth grader.  He's an accomplished singer with a voice that is both tender and powerful.  He enlisted the help of his friends from his neighborhood and Weddington Middle School to make a music video. 

In it he sings the Bruno Mars hit "Talking to the Moon".  Much of it was shot in the field on campus.  His friends are holding signs that read things like, "Restore the Shore", "Jersey Shore Rocks", "Please give to Sandy Victims". 

Max's video was posted on the web site and within days he was an Internet sensation with almost 80 thousand views so far.

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