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CMS encouraging dads to get more involved in their child's education


Sean Hallaran wouldn't miss coming to Waddell Language Academy every weekday morning.

He knows this is one of those precious moments

Sean is able to share some one on one with his five year old daughter Shea.

"She likes it when daddy takes her to school."

And Sean knows the time he puts in makes a difference.

"When I was younger I didn't have as much time, (I was) working a lot," said Sean.

"I've got a little bit of experience now and I understand the importance of really being involved in your kids lives."

The importance of dads being there for their kids is a message Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is working on spreading.

"We are very interested in engaging our dads and other caregivers who might be males to get them interested in their child's education," said Paul Holden with CMS Parent University. 

"I think research shows that if the dads are involved children can do better in school."

They've partnered with a local author and soccer coach to help guide other CMS dads through a series of seminars.

"I put together a program to help dads recognize the power of their presence in their children's lives," said Jeff Usher.

"If you are involved with your kids, present in whatever the circumstances, whatever the situation is,  good things will tend to happen."

Good things like Shea knowing she can always count on her daddy.

The "Be There Dad" seminars will take place this Saturday, February 9.

8:00 am until 11:30am

St. Stephen United Methodist Church.

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