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Airline passengers prepare for delays as winter storm set to pound northeast


Delays and cancellations are expected to be the norm at airports nationwide as a huge winter storm is set to pound the northeast Friday.

"I missed my flight by just four minutes!" exclaimed Sarah Eslin, a Bangor Maine native.  "I was on stand-by for another flight, didn't make that.  Now, I hope I'm going to be getting out this morning."

Missing her flight ended up being costly for Eslin.  She found herself trying to beat a huge winter storm that has it's sites set on the New England states.

Once the storm hits, she may not be going anywhere.

"We're very used to the snow!" she said.  "But there's only so fast you can plow it...and they're saying three to four inches an hour at some points."

Her hopes of getting home on time are beginning to dim.

"With the  We won't be flying."

Overnight Friday, over 2,700 flights nationwide have been grounded because of the historic storm, and that number is expected to grow as the day progresses.

Flight scheduling boards at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport started slowing switching from an "on time" flight status, to "canceled".

The major air carriers will work with you however, to try to get you home as soon as possible.

US Airways, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest and American have already said they would waive the change/cancellation fee because of the storm.

They advise to go to your airline's web site, and check the storm advisory section to see how your travel plans may have been changed.

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