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BBB warns those looking for their Valentine online


Looking for love on Valentine's Day? Scam artists may be trying to break your heart.

Britney Wright just isn't comfortable using an online dating service.

"You never know what you're getting into and you never know who you're going to meet," she said. 

But if you do go looking for love in cyberspace, the Better Business Bureau says you have to do your homework.

Just like you wouldn't go on a blind date without getting some information-- the same goes for checking the background of a dating service.

Tom Bartholemy with the BBB also says don't sign anything without reading the find print.

"You really don't think that you're signing a contract when you're signing up with an online dating service but that's exactly what it is," he said. 

Chris Cave, another Charlottean said he would try online dating but he wouldn't be pressured into signing anything before he's ready.

"Make sure you know what you're entering into and you know you do your research before you sign anything or give a credit card," he said. "Absolutely." 

Back to Britney who said it's more than just be's also just not in her budget.

"I'm not gonna do that because we all need money in our pockets so I'm not gonna pay anybody to do that so they can just cancel that with me," she said.

Experts compare these contracts you sign with a dating service to a pre-nuptial agreement and say you need to know what "getting divorced" entails.

If you don't read the cancellation policy careful, the company could keep debiting your account long after you stop using the service.

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