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Fourth graders working on a modern-day rock tribute


If you grew up in the 70's you might recognize the songs made popular by a very famous band but ask a bunch of 10 year olds what it is and their faces go blank.

Reporter: "Do you know who Led Zeppelin is?

"No ma'am."

Now ask them that same question after they've rehearsed the music for two months and they can practically tell you everything about one of the biggest selling rock bands.

"My dad likes the song stairway to heaven."

"He used to sing a lot of songs like way back then."

This group of 4th graders at Huntersville Elementary is going back to rock's roots as part of their concert tribute show.

Besides learning about Zeppelin, music teacher Michael Salvatore hopes students take away much more.

"I'm hoping they learn to appreciate music and maybe this will lead them to go explore other things on their own as far as music goes," said Salvatore.

No stranger to music, Salvatore was named one of Charlotte's best drummers several years ago and plays with a local band on the weekends.

He rewrote the Zeppelin musical arrangements for instruments the children actually play.

"We started learning the instrument parts first then introducing the songs and the lyrics and then we eventually started combining."

And if all the practicing leads to more, he wouldn't mind. 

"Maybe (I'll) see them 20 years later and (they'll) say Mr. Salvatore I'm in a rock band now.

Mr. Salvatore's class will play the Led Zeppelin Tribute show Thursday, February 7th at the Huntersville Elementary School. Doors open at 6 p.m.

It's open to anyone who wants to attend.

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