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Local apt complex still won't respond about complaints of bugs, trash


A local apartment complex in University City still won't go on the record with WBTV to explain what they're doing in response to complaints about problems with roaches, trash and no water.

We went back to 901 Place Apartments Monday afternoon trying to talk to management.

An assistant manager met us at the front of the leasing office and told us, "I need you to not film me. You're not allowed to be on this property and if you don't step away I'm going to call the police." 

It was just last week, Katie Thornton, a student at UNC Charlotte turned to WBTV for help after months of getting nowhere with management.

"We think it's disgusting, it's filthy and for what we pay a month to live here; we deserve better," she said at the time.

She complained of dozens of cigarette butts, shards of glass from a broken beer bottle that litter the property, and roaches -- lots of them.

We sat down with Katie again Monday evening.

"They started singing a little bit of a different tune," she said.

Thornton says the property manager has contacted her but tried to act as if they had no complaints on file. Just last week Katie showed us paperwork detailing the complaints and all the places in her apartment she killed the bugs: her bathroom, near the front door and even her bedroom.

Since then management has offered to treat the apartment for roaches again.

"I think they're starting to understand that I'm not just some dumb, college kid," she said. "I'm gonna do what it takes to get what I pay for."

Thornton told us the shards of glass from a broken, beer bottle have been cleaned up but the cigarette butts are still there.

WBTV also discovered the apartment complex has an "F" rating with the Better Business Bureau.

According to the BBB, the complex has had eight complaints in the past 36 months, most of which involved products and services. Management never responded to half of those complaints and one is still unresolved.

Thornton wasn't surprised to hear about the rating, but says she's learned a valuable lesson for the next apartment she moves to.

I didn't do any research," she admitted. "I didn't do anything, I just took it at face value and now I'm suffering the consequences for it."

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