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Still no trial in the murder of former Mayor of York

Three years ago this week Melvin Roberts, the former Mayor of York, was murdered but the accused killer - who is on house arrest in Gaffney - is yet to go on trial.

 "It's very hard. It's difficult" says David Roberts, the victim's son. "Not a day that goes by I don't think about my dad, that I don't miss my dad. Yesterday was very difficult."

 It was February 4th, 2010 when Melvin Roberts was found dead in his York driveway. Police say he was strangled and had head trauma.

 Three months after the killing, investigators arrested Julia Phillips, Roberts' girlfriend. They say she did it because of money. Phillips maintains her innocence, and her attorney requested a psychiatric evaluation to see if she is competent to stand trial.

Doctors have yet to issue their findings.

The victims' sons say they're upset about the delays.

"We're very frustrated that three years later she still remains on house arrest and the defense continues to come up with one excuse after another to delay the trial" says Ronnie Roberts, the victim's youngest son. 

Melvin Roberts not only served in Government but at the time of his death, the 79 year old still practicing law - the oldest member of the York County Bar Association.

"And it's extremely frustrating - our father who fought for 55 years in the judicial system for our judicial system's way - I don't think he's being treated fairly" says Ronnie Roberts.

The Roberts brothers say they believe someone else was involved in their father's killing and wants anyone with information to call York Police.

"You can't discount there's somebody else involved" says David Roberts. "We're hopeful and keep hoping that maybe somebody out there will remember something about the night February 4th, 2010 and will make that call to police."

York Police say the case is open and active. They're say they're still investigating, "working on some things."

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