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See, Click, Fix: County explains why baseball field is locked

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Don writes on our See, Click, Fix page: "A couple years ago, a new baseball field and field house (were) added to the existing park...however there are signs on the baseball field that it's closed, and access has been restricted by a gate."

This viewer goes on to say, "The question is why does the public not have access to something that appears to have been finished!"

See, Click, Fix investigated what the problem was about. We viewed the finished product on Winget Road in south Charlotte.

We had to shoot video of the baseball field and fieldhouse from far away in the parking lot because access to it is blocked. You immediately see the chained lock keeping the gates closed.

We confronted Mecklenburg Park and Rec and got an answer. Officials say there is a very good explanation for all of this.

They say:

*Due to the high rate of vandalism in the area they had to block access to the field.

*They also see slow demand for the field in the winter time. But if someone wants to make a reservation they do make the field available!

*Park officials are also taking advantage of this slow time to prep the field for spring and summer use.

So don't let this lock and key fool you. The baseball field is in fact accessible once it's requested!

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