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Tumblr surpassing Facebook, parents urged to heed warnings


Do you know where your kids are online? The answer is probably Tumblr.

Instead of being on sites like Facebook and Twitter, where you connect to only a specific group of people or followers, teens and young adults are migrating towards more visual sites.

"They are on there to share videos, thoughts, comments, topics that are important to them and be able to share them with a wide group," says our cyber expert Theresa Payton.

A new survey by Awareness Inc. shows that the photo-sharing blogging platform Tumblr is in fact more popular with 13-to-25-year-old than Facebook.

"You can actually set things up as interests groups and by topic." says Payton.

And since marketing is king Payton says be careful with the information you post.

"You have to remember these platforms are free."

"How do they make their money, they sell the information. The other problem with these free platforms is they do have glitches once in a while and what are you going to do, complain? "It's free!"

Even scarier, a lot of the newer sites privacy settings don't fully protect the user.

"They don't have the same infrastructure behind them that's checking for abuse of these policies and actually shutting down accounts that have absolutely inappropriate photos and behavior being posted," says Payton.

Read those privacy policies carefully.

Almost all of them say once you posted something on their site whether it's a comment, data about you, a photo or video they have to the right to store the content as long as they want, even if you delete it.

So in actuality it is no longer your personal property.

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