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Dad: CMS administrator says no proof boy wrote note


CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte high school student accused of making threats against his school had a disciplinary hearing Monday.

Sixteen-year-old Tristan Lloyd is charged with felony False Reporting Mass Violence Against an Educational Property and Misdemeanor Communicating Threats.

The teenager's father, Cecil Lloyd, claims what happened at the hearing proves his son didn't make the fatal threats.

The father says the Assistant Principal was asked if CMS can prove his son made the threat. This is how the father said the assistant principal answered that question.

"How do we know Tristan did this," the father said. "And he said - We don't."

The father also gave us a look at the threats written on a school calculator. According to the father this is how the threat was made.

"How we gunna do this"

"Do what"

"Kill all the school remember"

"Ohhh, right my dads gun case is locked, but I know where he puts the key"

"Ok, good. You got bullets too"

"This is gonna be like Sandy Hook"

"Its gonna be worse than that."

The father said this could not be his son writing that threat.

"My son doesn't live with me," the father said. "I don't have a gun case. I don't have keys in my room to a gun case. I don't have bullets in my room. I don't own a gun period. This is some other kid writing this."

The father also claims at the hearing the calculator, that had the threat on it, was presented at the hearing. The son quickly said that was not the calculator he uses. The father believes this is proof the story is not adding up and believes once all the facts are presented, his son will be proven innocent.

"CMS was so ready to get it taken care of," the father said. "That they didn't do a full investigation. They did a one sided investigation. We have a lawyer and they are ready to sue CMS on all statements."

CMS says it is not aware of any new developments while CMPD says it has wrapped up its investigation and the case is now in the hands of the District Attorney.

According to officials from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, Lloyd was arrested early in February after he reportedly made a threat against Olympic High School in southern Mecklenburg County.

CMS says it investigated the incident and there were no injuries or evidence of any danger.

After the teen's first court date, Lloyd's mother who didn't want to be named, says no one can prove her son wrote the message. "Multiple kids use this calculator. We don't know what time a day it was exactly it was many paths it crossed before they saw it...I wish we had more details on that...I still don't know exactly verbatim what it says."

"He's never been in trouble in his life..he's a good boy," Lloyd's grandmother Linda Mitchell said.

School officials told WBTV Lloyd admitted to making the threat. His mother says that's not true at all. She says Lloyd admits to writing things on the calculator but nothing of that nature.

Olympic High suspended Lloyd for 10 days. His parents plan to meet with principal Tuesday. Lloyd is expected back in court February 22.

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