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Does Charlotte have serious chance to land Super Bowl?


If there is one place where a Super Bowl hangover can be felt beyond Sunday's big game, then look no further than Charlotte Douglas International.

Football fans returning from the Big Easy are hoping that league officials will take our city seriously, when it comes to hosting the annual sports spectacle.

Dan Crone is a Baltimore Ravens Fan.

He said, "It takes an energy level of everything that goes around it. The football game is just one part of it."

Those headed home from New Orleans like Joe D'Alberto admit that Charlotte could face its share of off field challenges.

"The hotel rooms some of the ancillary things the hotel rooms. Some of the transportation could be a question," D'Alberto said.

In a crowd of thousands at the super dome was Charlotte City Councilman James Mitchell who said there is a buzz out there regarding Charlotte. He was there making the pitch for the Queen City.

"I would think that our time would have to be around 2016 or 2017"he said. "I do know that New Orleans is gonna to make a pitch for 2018. So for us we need to be proactive and planning."

In other words, deal with the hurdles of developing new hotel rooms and finding a public private partnership to upgrade partnership Bank of America stadium.

"If we're serious about keeping the franchise and landing the Super Bowl, it becomes a must for us," Mitchell said.

Landing this game would keep Charlotte on a roll, and those back on Carolina soil, like Joe D'Alberto feels having the DNC on the city's resume is a big help.

He said, " I would think that an organization like the NFL would be looking at us."

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