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Saving Money in Divorce

It is hard to find an average cost for a divorce.  But most calculations put it at close to $20,000.  That can blow apart some family's savings and that expense makes starting a new life even harder.  That is where mediation comes in.  More and more couples in the Charlotte area are turning to mediation as a way to work out their divorce and child custody settlements.

Robin Perrigo became a mediator after going through her own divorce. "It's one side versus another in the traditional divorce model.  That is the model of an adversarial divorce," Perrigo told me.  Perrigo's company, Road to Resolution, works with both parties together, to hammer out the divorce agreement.  "I consider it roundtable mediation, which is a mediator, a neutral third party, who works with couples without an attorney," Perrigo said.

Perrigo understands the importance of the child custody agreement and often tells couples she's more of an advocate for the children, than the adults.  Another important part of her work as a mediator is the financial settlement.  "It is problem solving.  You sit down, roll up your sleeves, pull out your calculators and you problem solve, ‘how do we make this work.'"

In these difficult economic times mediation is more affordable for many couples.  "Generally people chose mediation to save money.  My goal as a mediator is not only to save them money but to save them time and to save them emotional turmoil," Perrigo told me.

You can't get divorced without an attorney.  After mediators work out the agreements an attorney must ‘scribe' them and file them with the court. So you will incur come attorney's fees.  Typically Perrigo's clients spend about $2,500 dollars for her services.  Attorney's fees vary within firms. 

As Perrigo points out, "Divorce can be a very lengthy process if you let it be. It's a matter commitment, Can you come to some kind of resolution?"

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