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Gift cards for a cause


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what to give that special someone.

One idea? Buy items and have a percentage of your purchase donated to your favorite nonprofit.

A local woman came upon the company after a tragic accident.

"I was at the counter and I remember getting warm and I'm on the ground," said Stacy Baum.

"I had a jaw fracture in three spots, lots and lots of blood apparently and several teeth missing."

It led to a complete life change for Stacy.

A fainting episode two and a half years ago left Stacy with multiple fractures to her jaw and the need for reconstructive surgeries.

During the initial stages of recovery, Stacy wasn't able to get around - but it was also the peak of gift-giving season.

While shopping around on the Internet, Stacy came across She found she could do more than give - she could give back.

"I couldn't go out to do my shopping so that's where I bought all my gifts," said Stacy

"When companies and resources come to us like gift cards for a cause it's amazing for us," said Mona Johnson Gibson with the Ronald MocDonald House in Charlotte.

"There's a group of people that are looking to help us and support us."

Stacy said, "it doesn't mean putting out extra money."

"You are buying a gift card and a percent is going to a charity of your choice."

Stacy quit her day job to become the new director of Gift Cards For A Cause.

The organization helps dozens of charities around the country with donations from purchased gift cards at no cost to the customer.

"They also open up a whole other world of folks who may not have known about us or knew that we needed help," said Johnson-Gibson.

Anyone can give back to one their favorite charities by doing from their everyday shopping with gift cards purchased from gift cards for a cause or buying them for others.

"Why I like it is because people can give back to where there passion is to what they are interested in," said Stacy.

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