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Super Bowl blackout explained!

Good morning! This is Christine Nelson. It's Monday, February 4. I want to get you caught up on the stories making headlines when you wake up this morning. Make sure you turn on WBTV News This Morning after you get this email. We're on from 4:30-7:00 a.m.!

SUPERBOWL XLVII: It's the morning after the Super Bowl. What are people talking about?? The blackout - we found out the cause of it. The 49ers comeback falling short - we'll show the highlights and how the game ended in the Ravens favor. And the commercials! - did your favorites score big? We'll highlight some of the best ones. We'll also talk LIVE to the Charlotte native whose Doritos commercial was a finalist for a one million dollar prize!

Other news we're following this morning:

*The Phylicia Barnes murder trial - Today is the day Michael Johnson's defense team will get the chance to argue why their client is innocent of killing Monroe teenager Phylicia Barnes. We have information on why the defense may have a leg up on the prosecution.

*A big speech will be given this morning by Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx. We are looking ahead to what he will reveal in his state of the city address this morning.

*Gift cards are a big business. WBTV's Astrid Martinez has one woman's personal story on how she's making these cards go a long way for a great cause.

We're on the air right now so tune in!


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