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Goodell answers question about football safety on "Face the Nation"



NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appeared on "Face the Nation" and was asked if he would let his children play football. 

Goodell said "Absolutely" siting that he has two girls like the President, who said last week he'd " have to think long and hard" before letting his kids play football. 

The NFL which is facing lawsuits from former players for inadequately warning them of the potential for brain injuries announced that beginning next season they will have independent neurologists on the field at every game to examine injured players. 

Goodell said the league is deferring to medical experts on wHether football and life altering brain damage are connected. 

He continued to say that the league has gone to great lengths to address the possibility,"not just to make football safer at the NFL level, but all levels, and other sports."

Phil Simms who will be working in the booth witH Jim Nantz for the game said because of the changes that Goodell has spearheaded, he "would not hesitate now" to let his kids play football. 

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