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Poll shows some Marines willing to quit over woman in combat

A survey taken last year is showing that some male Marines are not on board with their female counterparts moving into combat jobs.

Of the 53,000 Marines polled last year both male and female, 17% of the males said they would outright quit the Marine Corps than serve with woman Marines in combat.

The largest concern among male Marines is being falsely accused of sexual harassment or assault.

In the survey released last week by the Marine Corps to the Associated Press, males Marines also felt that pregnancy and personal issues could limit woman in combat positions. 

Defense Secretary Leon Panneta was provided with the survey numbers before making his decision to lift the ban on woman in combat jobs. 

17% of female Marines said they would quit the Corps if they were put into combat jobs involuntarily, but 31% of female soldiers said they would be interested in combat jobs.

Among the Marines surveyed both sexes listed intimate relations and obligation to protect female Marines among their top five concerns. 

The Department of Defense has not commented on the survey numbers.

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