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Lighter versions of popular Super Bowl party snacks

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Lori Pratt with Weight Watchers visited WBTV News Sunday Morning to share some advice for lightening up our favorite gameday foods.  Her advice follows, along with the recipes she featured:

Beef Nachos:  Nachos are a great game day snack.  But with all the cheese, full fat beef, and fried chips, they can be high in calories

    • To lighten things up, we swapped the regular tortilla chips for baked, reducing the calories and fat. 
    • We used 93% lean ground beef in place of regular beef, which again shaves off calories and fat.  Lean ground beef is a Power Food…a Power Food on the WW program is a food that is filling and ranks high on its positive impact on our  health
    • Traded regular cheese for low-fat cheddar cheese. 
    • Added lots of flavor with spicy canned tomatoes, jalapeno peppers for a little kick, and refried black beans, which add lots of filling fiber too.  All Power foods!!
    • A serving of regular beef and cheese nachos can run around 375 calories, or up to 10 PP. 
    • For the same amount of our Weight Watchers Beef Nachos it is only around 110 calories or 3 PP.
    • Recipe Link here

Baked Potato Skins with Creamy Spinach and Turkey Bacon:  Potatoes are a great source of fiber and vitamin C.  But when we load them up with lots of cheese and bacon, we add lots of calories. 

  • Our Weight Watchers version keeps the potato but adds spinach, which is another great source of fiber and also of vitamin A. 
  • To make it creamy and indulgent we add low-fat cream cheese.
  •  And who doesn't love bacon?!  We add turkey bacon for lots of flavor. 
  • One regular potato skin can run over 200 calories and can be 6 PP.  The WW version runs around 130 calories and 4 PP. 
  • Recipe Link here

Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip: It's not a Super Bowl party without wings.  But Buffalo wings are full of fat and calories. 

  • So we took the skin off the wings, cutting a lot of fat and calories. 
  • We also used reduced sodium taco seasoning instead of a buttery calorie-filled sauce.  We keep the blue cheese dip, but lighten it up with fat–free sour cream and add lots of flavor with the blue cheese. 
  • Three regular wings with blue cheese dressing can run almost 450 calories and up to 15 PP.  Our version is only around 127 calories and 3 PP for the same amount.     
  • Recipe Link here

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