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Police: 'We will not stop' in search for prosecutor's killers


The manhunt continues for whoever killed Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse. The reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction has grown to more than $71,000.

The silence surrounding the Kaufman County Courthouse is the sound of a community still reeling.

"We'll be back in business in a few days. What we're doing right now is--- I'm not sure how to describe it--- the folks are trying to deal with what happened," says Kaufman County District Attorney Mark McLellan.

McLellan says their office will use this time to dig through Hasse's past case loads. That includes hundreds of cases every year.

"I don't know exactly when we will open back up, but when we do, we'll open back up with a vengeance," McLellan added.

Friday, a deputy stood on guard in the parking lot where Hasse was killed. He's there not just to protect the community, but to provide peace of mind.

"We will continue that for some time until everybody gets back to normal...whatever [normal] is," says Kaufman County Sheriff David Byrnes.

Authorities assured citizens that the ambush appeared to be an isolated event, meaning other county employees were not in danger.

"There's no vendetta against the county," says Byrnes.

Authorities say there was no indication that Hasse was fearful of anyone or anything like this happening to him.

"Officers that work the street-- we are always vigilant to the fact that when you work in criminal justice, people don't like being caught.  We are always aware that there are risks in the work we do," says Kaufman Police Chief Chris Aulbaugh.

Despite more time passing and no arrests being made, authorities are not letting up, even if it takes weeks, months or even years.

"We will not stop pursuing this until we have found who did this," Aulbaugh says.

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