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Good News: Lyle's Cards

With an almost clinical calm, Ramona Gash describes why her son is so sick.

"Right now that's what we're dealing with most, the deterioration of renal failure, and undeveloped heart condition." Her son Lyle was born 23 years ago with Down Syndrome and a whole host of health problems. Doctors said he may never see his first birthday.

But now, Lyle's kidneys aren't working and Doctors say he could have only weeks left to live.

"We don't look at Lyle as the end of life, we look at him as the celebration of life," said Ramona.

Lyle is the life of any room he's in. It only takes a few seconds to see why his is a life worth celebrating. But a few months ago, Lyle's worsening health had him depressed. His mother put a simple post on her Facebook page asking people to send cards to cheer him up.

They came by the dozens.

They came by the hundreds.

From all over the country, came 9-thousand 700 cards. The smile will likely never leave Lyle's face again.

"Lyle is such a lovable person and he loves so many people. And he ministers to people in so many aspects," said Ramona.

Ramona says her son has a mission on this earth. "To inspire, to encourage, to motivate and to demonstrate the true meaning of love."

So many people measure the worth of a life by how many years you get to live it. But the Gash family firmly believes love is a much better measure of a mission... More than accomplished.

If you'd like to send Lyle a card, you can send it to:

Lyle Gash c/o
Palmer Grove Baptist Church
1606 Kingston Road
Kingstown, NC 28150

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