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Family wants cold case reopened after 9 years


There are days at her salon, when Mary Curry's clients still ask about her brother's murder.

"It makes me wonder in my heart and in my mind who did this?," said Mary Curry.

It's a lingering question that 9 years later, still won't go away.

"Who killed my brother? Who killed James Kilgore?," said Curry.

Curry says the recent murder trial of Donald Borders in Shelby caught her attention.

It brought back memories because Borders was convicted Monday of killing Margaret Tessneer.

Tessner is one of three elderly women found dead, in the same area, around the same time as Curry's brother.

"It went through my mind that he might be the man that did it," she said.

The family also learned that Kilgore had a connection to Borders. The two men once lived in a homeless shelter together.

But Kilgore's murder differed from the death's of the three other women. Their phone lines had been cut, and Tessneer was raped and suffocated.

Kilgore's murder was violent, but not the same.

"He was cut from ear to ear," said Curry.

Back in 2004, investigators questioned if all four cases could be connected, but had no suspect.

The community lived in fear until DNA collected in 2006 tied Borders to Tessneer's murder.

Curry says DNA evidence was never collected from her brother's house.

"They act like they couldn't get any DNA but blood tracks were all over the floor because we cleaned the apartment," said Curry.

Curry wants investigators to reopen her brother's case and talk to Donald rule him in or rule him out.

"I just want to see and know who did it and I would like to know why," said Curry. 

Shelby Police Chief Jeff Ledford told WBTV  Donald Border's was never a suspect in this case.

But this case is currently being investigated and Chief Ledford said Borders is on their list of people to question.

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