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Police: Naked man grunted like zombie while trying to break into home


The residents of the house on Morlan Park Road in Salisbury didn't quite know what to make of it.  

Early Friday morning they called police to report that they could hear a man's voice and a "banging" sound outside. The residents said someone was trying to break into the house.

When police arrived they didn't quite know what to make of it either.  The encountered a white man, approximately 60 years old, buck naked and bleeding.

According to the report, the nude dude was sitting on a large flower pot.  As police tried to talk to the man, he "fell off the pot onto his side on the ground."

Police say the man did not comply with their commands that he stay on the ground and that he continued to try and get up off the ground.  Police did use a stun gun on the man so that they could control him.  

The officers reported that the man didn't seem to understand their words to him, and that his answers consisted of unintelligible grunting.

Weather conditions just after midnight indicated a temperature of 36 degrees in Salisbury.

Police covered the man with a blanket.  They discovered he had cuts on the bottom of his feet and a cut to the head.  Police called Rowan EMS to treat the man, but then had to call EMS to come back to the scene to take the man to the hospital.

Being naked, the man wasn't carrying any identification, and as of Friday morning, his identity is still not known.  Police say the residents of the home didn't recognize the man, and neither did anyone else in the immediate area.

Police are hopeful that they will be able to speak with the man in the hospital.  He could face charges of attempted first degree burglary.

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