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Power lines on crane shut down Carmel Road, one person reported hurt


Medic and the Charlotte Fire Department responded to an incident near the 1800 block of Carmel Road Friday morning.

Crane operator Gino Godbout was trimming trees when he got too close to the power lines. He says the force knocked him off the truck and to the ground. His truck erupted into flames.

"I felt electricity." Godbout said.

Paramedics checked him out. He was okay and is thankful to be alive.

"God's looking out for me that's what that is." Godbout said.

The accident caused power to go out in about 2500 homes and businesses. Students at Charlotte Country Day spent the day learning in the dark. School officials say other than no power at the school, things went smoothly

And students who attend daycare at Saint John's Episcopal Church on Carmel Road were relocated to the Central Church of God, located at 5301 Sardis Road because there is no power at the school.

Investigators from the Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSHA) showed up at the scene of the accident to determine what went wrong and if Godbout followed the regulations.

"We had all of our safety gear on," the contractor said. "My hard hat, glasses, chaps on."

Policy states for certain jobs, workers must be within two feet of live power lines.

It will take OSHA 6-8 weeks to complete its investigation.

Duke Power reported the power came back on for all affected homes and businesses Friday afternoon.

"I got too close to the wire," Godbout said. "And electricity don't play."

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