Good News: Cookie-colored cows

Cookie-colored cows

Just a few miles from the SC state line, there's a low key cattle ranch a group of cookie-colored cows call home.

"People stop and look and take pictures of them," said Bill Craig, who raises the cows with his wife WIlma.

The Belted Galloway's hail from Scotland and a marked with a white band in the middle of two solid black colors.

Known for their docile nature, Bill and Wilma started rearing these gentle giants way back in the 60's. You see their entire relationship is sort of rooted in cattle farming.

"I have a date on a Sunday night and she hadn't milk the cows yet so I'd go and milk the cows so she could go on a date with me," Bill said.

Now married 60 and one half years, the 80's aged couple want the pasture every morning and count cows. If you wondering what they do with the herds of rare breed beauties, they breed them, then sell them, all except for Spunky, who's been likened to a lap cow. Gentle enough to pet, but just a little too big to fit in the house.