Is your carpet making you sick? The answer: Probably

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - You probably know some of the tricks to avoid getting the flu when you're out in public.

Wash your hands frequently after using an ATM, an office phone and keyboard, you know all germ magnets.

While protecting yourself with a flu shot is priority number one, keeping your home free of harmful bacteria should be priority number 2!

"It's like going to the dentist.," said Jay Guy the CEO of Performance Chem-Dry.

"Every six months you like to get your carpets clean."

Believe it or not, your carpets could be breeding grounds for the flu virus, and regular vacuuming might not eliminate the problem.

"Regular vacuuming gets loose dirt off but the dirt that stays on your carpet's fibers and germs that's what we can get in there and extract," said Guy.

A professional cleaning can do what regular vacuuming can't, meaning fewer germs and fewer sick days.

"We start off with a pre-spray and we use a hot carbonated extraction which is like club soda on carpet," said Guy.

"It gets down in the carpet fiber, it attracts the dirt molecules, it will extract it off. Then we will either sanitize or put a protector back on to keep your carpet healthy."

Germs will always linger around but a little bit of prevention could save you a lot of heartache and sick days.

And if you are concerned about chemicals, companies like provide all natural and green certified products.

So it's safe for pets, people, children and it doesn't leave any residues behind.

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