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Good luck getting a room during CIAA, uptown hotels booked solid

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If you're hoping to get a hotel room in Center City during the CIAA tournament, good luck. It's slim pickings and the popular tournament is still weeks away.

WBTV called several hotels in uptown Charlotte and most were booked solid. Those that did have vacancies expected them to be snatched up by the end of the week.

But for Hyatt House Hotel on Trade Street, the key to success during CIAA has been all about finding their niche.

As one of around a dozen hotels in center city, they've singled themselves out as a hotspot for the popular tournament by showcasing their prime real estate.

"Epicenter is a block away," said Don Lockhart, the hotel's general manager. "The arena's right next door. It is prime, definitely for CIAA."

With a 40 to 50 percent boost in occupancy alone, Lockhart says they've also become a go-to spot for arguably the most in-demand part of the tournament. The legendary party circuit.

"We had a large event last year, we have two scheduled for this year," he said. "So every year that gets bigger and bigger."

 Another draw? Their bar.

 "We get a lot of business from that, too," said Lockhart. "Just because of our location next door."

 While a full house during CIAA is great for their bottom line, he told WBTV the boost in business doesn't stop after that week is over.

"It's more than just a one time event for those guests," he said. "Some of them like the city so much, they just come back when it's not so busy and really experience."

WBTV also learned that some of the hotels require you to book your reservations by Friday, February 1.

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