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Attorneys prepare for Hembree's third murder trial


A trial date has been set for Danny Hembree's third murder trial.

The Gaston county man is accused of murdering 30-year-old Randi Saldana.

A judge set the date for March 11th.

Hembree was on trial last April for murdering Saldana in 2009.

But his attorneys withdrew from the case after Hembree claimed in court he slept with the Assistant District Attorney.

Prosecutors say that was not true because Hembree was in jail before his trial.

But the situation caused such an uproar that the judge declared a mistrial.

Hembree is back on trial for Saldana's murder and prosecutors have been busy preparing their case.

"Both sides, the defense and the prosecution have to look at hours and hours of video, we have to review the transcripts of those videos, photographs, we have to both be prepared and it takes a tremendous amount of time," said Gaston County district attorney Locke Bell.

The jurors for the trial in March will be bused in from Burke County each day.

Hembree was sentenced to death in 2011 for killing Heather Catterton in 2009.

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