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WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Overhauling the Unemployment System

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"It's time to get back to work."

If that wasn't Governor Pat McCrory's campaign theme, it certainly should have been.

Repairing North Carolina's economy is one of the Governor's top priorities.

And one place that he and state legislators are looking at is unemployment benefits.

We think they're right to do so.

McCrory wants to pay back $2.8 billion the state owes the federal government, borrowed to pay these benefits.

That will hurt, but we're glad he's being responsible.

 It will save us money in the long run.

State leaders are also considering a plan that would trim maximum weekly benefits from $535 to $350.

And they would make benefits available for only 20 weeks, versus the current 26 weeks.

In a July 2011 editorial, we called for a revamping of the current unemployment system.

We still think those unemployed who can, should be required to do some sort of work for their benefits.

Yes, we know your employers have paid for unemployment insurance.

You're entitled to some assistance.

And the private sector definitely needs to create more jobs.

But when an able-bodied person can make more money staying at home collecting unemployment than he or she can by going out and finding a job,  something is dreadfully wrong.

We applaud the Governor and the legislature for trying to fix it.

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