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Threats against educator found written on bathroom stall of high school


Police in Rock Hill are investigating threats made against a local educator on the restroom wall of a local high school.

According to a report from the Rock Hill Police Department, the threats were written on two restroom walls at Northwestern High School. They were found by custodians on Wednesday.

The custodians told faculty about the threats and they called police.

According to the report, the threats were made against "Mr. Lancaster," saying "[expletive] Mr. Lancaster," and "I'm going to blow this mother-[expletive] up."

Lancaster is listed on Northwestern High School's website as an assistant principal.

One message gave a date for the threat, saying "I swear to god Mr. Lancaster is going to DIE on February 2." February 2nd is this coming Saturday.

WBTV reached out to the school district for a comment on the report, but was told they could not comment because "it's a police matter which is under investigation."

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